You are a key player in your building project, and integrated project delivery (IPD) assures your seat at the table. IPD helps you save money and have a more enjoyable construction project. You are part of the team that also includes the architect, Masa Sunrise Construction and key subcontractors. The talents of every key player are utilized early in the project to collectively make informed decisions that give you the most value. Utilizing IPD means more efficiency, less waste, and more savings for you. For Masa Sunrise Construction clients, it’s typically an 11.7% savings. Your new construction, remodel, building addition or historic restoration can use IPD.
Every owner wants input and more control over a building project. Masa Sunrise Construction welcomes input from owners and the architect before the project starts.

Always Available

all construction sites open for visitors, with 24/7 video surveillance being conducted at all objects

Fair Prices

you can be 100% sure that it will be delivered right on time, within the set budget limits

Qualified Agents

We have a team of specialists capable of maximizing the result and delivering the projects

Best Offers

All aspects of the operations being transparent and clear for clients and partners

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